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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property broadly encompasses inventions, brands, works and other materials created by inventors, authors and artists. 


Rhodes IP PLC assists companies and individuals in procuring and enforcing their intellectual property to provide a competitive advantage.



Patent Prosecution and Enforcement


A patent is a right to exclude others from making, using, selling and importing items which fall within the scope of the patent claims.


Rhodes IP PLC prosecutes utility and design patent applications in the United States and around the world.  Our advanced technical degrees permit us to craft claims that encompass the technology and exclude competitors and potential competitors.


We offer flexible billing structures including fixed fee billing, discounts for early payment as well as electronic docketing and file systems to reduce overall costs and provide clients access to their files.

Trademark Prosecution and Enforcement


A trademark is any word, symbol, slogan or feature(s) that can be used as an indicator of the source of a good or service. Trademarks permit consumers to identify a particular good or service with a particular company. Unlike a patent, a trademark can have a perpetual life if used and protected properly.


Rhodes IP PLC files and prosecutes trademark applications in the United States and around the world.  We also provide guidance regarding selection of marks, brand creation and assertions of infringement of marks by a third party.

Copyright Procurement and Enforcement


A copyright provides authors with a limited right to prevent others from copying or distributing their original works. A copyright arises automatically when the work is fixed in a tangible form. No federal registration is needed unless a suit in federal court is desired. Copyright can protect original works of authorship as well as designs or other features.


Rhodes IP PLC provides guidance regarding formal registration of copyrights.  We also provide guidance regarding assertions of copyright infringement, ownership disputes regarding copyrights and overall strategies related to copyrightable material.

Intellectual Property Counseling


In many instances, intellectual property may be the most valuable asset a company owns.  Protecting your intellectual property at an early stage can be critical to success of the business.


At Rhodes IP PLC, we counsel clients regarding intellectual property strategies including protection, enforcement, licensing, due diligence, non-infringement and freedom to operate opinions as well as drafting and responding to cease and desist letters and other assertions from third parties.

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